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3 IN 1 Compact Dryers

3 IN 1 Compact Dryers Details description
product name:3 IN 1 Compact Dryers
release time:2020-11-10
Numbering:3 IN 1-Compact Dryers-001
Price:¥By function
weight :By function
unit weight:Kg/set
Producing country:china
simple description:3 IN 1 Compact Dryers
Product alias:3 IN 1 Compact Dryers 3 IN 1 Compact Dryers
  3 IN 1 Compact Dryers Product introduction

3 IN 1 Compact Dryers parameter

3 IN 1 Compact Dryers 3 IN 1 Compact Dryers
Industry standard model Technical parameters Model specifications Dry weight per time (kg) Equipped with motor power(kw) Electric heating power(kw) Steam consumption 
Cooling area 
(m )
Air volume 
(m /h)
Temperature difference 
With baking tray Dimensions 
Equipped with dryer 
RXH-14-B CT-I 120 1.1 15kw 20 20 1400 ±2 48 2360×1200×2375 2
RXH-27-B CT-II 240 1.1 30kw 40 40 5200 ±2 96 2360×2200×2370 4
RXH-41-B CT-III 360 2.2 45kw 60 80 9800 ±2 144 3300×2200×2560 6
RXH-54-B CT-IV 480 2.2 60kw 80 100 9800 ±2 192 4250×2200×2560 8
RXH-7-C CT-C-IA 60 0.45 9kw 10 10 3450 ±2 24 1400×1200×2000 1
RXH-14-C CT-C-I 120 0.45 15kw 18 20 3450 ±2 48 2300×1200×2000 2
RXH-27-C CT-C-II 240 0.9 30kw 36 40 6900 ±2 96 2300×2200×2000 4
RXH-41-C CT-C-III 360 1.35 45kw 54 80 10350 ±2 144 2300×3220×2000 6
RXH-54-C CT-C-IV 480 1.8 60kw 72 100 13800 ±2 192 4460×2200×2290 8
RXH-5-C CT-C-O 30 0.45 9kw 5 5 3450 ±2 8 1460×1100×1750 1

Product alias:3 IN 1 Compact Dryers

3 IN 1 Compact Dryers Equipment principle

3 IN 1 Compact Dryers 3 IN 1 Compact Dryers
Dehumidification and drying part: The hot and humid air coming back from the drying barrel is cooled and blown into the honeycomb runner. The moisture in the air is absorbed by the runner and then desorbed by the regenerated heated air. The two airflows act on the runner at the same time, and with the rotation of the runner, the moisture in the air is continuously adsorbed and then desorbed by the regeneration air to be discharged, forming a stable low dew point air, which is heated to plastic The drying temperature is blown into the drying barrel to form a closed cycle to dry the raw materials.
Suction part: Suction material is sucked into the dry bucket from the storage bucket or other storage silo container. When the reed switch of the vacuum hopper detects that there is no material, the suction motor runs to generate vacuum in the vacuum hopper. The raw materials in the storage bucket are sucked into the vacuum hopper due to the air pressure difference. When the suction time is completed, the suction motor stops running, and the raw materials fall into the drying bucket due to their own weight. The dried raw materials are pumped from the drying barrel to the electric eye hopper installed in the plastic molding machine.

Product alias:3 IN 1 Compact Dryers

3 IN 1 Compact Dryers application

3 IN 1 Compact Dryers
In the plastics processing industry, products appear shrinkage, silver streaks, bubbles, cracks, flow marks, poor transparency, etc. The main reason for these poor quality is that the plastics are not fully dried before they are molded. Engineering plastics such as : PA, PET, PC, PBT, CA and other materials with strong hygroscopicity, due to the penetration of moisture into the plastic particles, traditional hot air dryers cannot completely dry them. Practice has proved that reducing the dew point of the drying wind to below -40°C and controlling the heat to blow it over the surface of the moisture-containing plastic particles can reduce its moisture content to below 0.02% before molding. The three-in-one dehumidification dryer is airtight. The air is fully dehumidified and heated in the circulating system, and the dry air quickly completely separates the moisture in the plastic particles to achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying.
1. It integrates three functions of dehumidification, drying and two-stage feeding;
3 IN 1 Compact Dryers
2. The dehumidification part is equipped with a wheel device, which can provide stable and low dew point air, and the dew point can reach below -40℃;
3. The stainless steel double-layer thermal insulation drying barrel adopts the design of lower blowing pipe to make the raw materials evenly dry and effectively prevent heat loss;
4. The feeding system is equipped with a shut-off valve to ensure that there is no residual raw material in the material pipe;
5. The closed loop feeding system can prevent the raw materials from being polluted or re-moisture;
6. The optical grade GCD-OP model is matched with a boiling electric eye hopper, which can remove the fine powder in the raw material, and can avoid pollution during the molding of optical grade products.
Point generation;
7. The optical-grade GCD-OP model system is equipped with high-precision and high-efficiency filters, which can effectively filter dust ions up to 0.3μm, and the filtration rate is up to 99.9%;
8. PLC control with LCD touch man-machine interface can be purchased, the operation is centralized and convenient, and the whole machine can be controlled to run automatically;
9. Dew point detection device can be purchased;
Relative humidity
Relative humidity: The percentage of the actual water vapor density in the air and the saturated water vapor density at the same temperature is the relative humidity of the air.
Dew point:
Dew point: refers to the temperature of condensation of saturated water vapor in the air. At a relative temperature of 100%, the temperature of the surrounding environment is the dew point temperature. The dew point temperature is lower than the temperature of the surrounding environment, the less the possibility of condensation, which means that the drier the air, the dew point is not affected by temperature, but by pressure
3 IN 1 Compact DryersThis is a device used to dehumidifying plastic resin to achieve drying. For example,
3 IN 1 Compact Dryers,Dehumidifier dryerand other plastic resins must be dehumidified and dried during the production process to improve the quality of the finished product.

Product alias:3 IN 1 Compact Dryers

3 IN 1 Compact Dryers Precautions

3 IN 1 Compact Dryers 3 IN 1 Compact Dryers
1. Precautions for operation of desiccant dryer:
1.1. Make sure that the dehumidification dryer has been installed and adjusted;
1.2. Turn on the power switch on the control box power supply and the dehumidifier panel;
1.3. Check the temperature indicator of the material barrel frequently, and repair it in time if any fault is found;
1.4. When the temperature rises to the specified temperature, check whether it is consistent with the temperature of the lower part;
1.5. Keep 8 minutes full at any time during the production of the barrel;
1.6. The raw materials can be produced only after the specified drying time is fully reached;
1.7. When the drying is completed, when the machine is to be stopped, first close the feeding plate, and then close the feeding system after pumping the bottom raw materials.
  2. Maintenance of dehumidification dryer:
2.1. Please confirm to provide cooling circulating water before machine operation;
2.2. Regularly clean the dehumidification return air aluminum mesh and the recycled motor aluminum mesh;
2.3. Regularly check whether the pipeline is damaged, loose, or dew;
2.4. Regularly check whether the floating belt is worn.

Product alias:3 IN 1 Compact Dryers

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