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Welcome to join the SB Hot Air Dryers website (dehumidifying dryer, SB Dehumidifying dryer)! This is a global manufacturer and supplier of dehumidifying dryers, providing more comprehensive plastic dehumidification dryers, plastic dehumidifiers, plastic dryers, r SB Hot Air Dryers exchange platform website, including dehumidifying and drying from zero basis to SB Hot Air Dryers Machine equipment, SB Hot Air Dryers application, technology, assembly accessories, circuit design, SB Hot Air Dryers principle, dehumidifying dryer installation and other information!

SB Hot Air Dryers

SB Hot Air Dryers Details description
product name:SB Hot Air Dryers
release time:2020-10-17
Numbering:SB Dehumidifying dryer-001
Price:¥By function
weight :By function
unit weight:Kg/set
Producing country:
simple description:SB Dehumidifying dryer
Product alias:SB Dehumidifying dryer
  SB Hot Air Dryers Product introduction

SB Hot Air Dryers parameter

SB Dehumidifying dryer

Product alias:SB Dehumidifying dryer

SB Hot Air Dryers Equipment principle

SB Hot Air Dryers SB Dehumidifying dryer The working principle of this basic solution is: pour the cleaned and crushed plastic into the feeding box, start the motor, and the motor drives the first fan to rotate. When the first fan rotates, a large amount of airflow is generated, and the airflow gradually removes all plastic Blow into the spiral tube. Open the valve, the dry powder falls into the spiral tube, the airflow will blow the dry powder and the plastic at the same time, when the absorbent powder comes in contact with the water on the plastic, it will absorb the moisture. The output end of the motor can also drive the first gear to rotate, the first gear drives the second gear to rotate, the second gear drives the gear shaft and the worm on the gear shaft to rotate, the worm drives the worm wheel to rotate, and the worm wheel drives the rotating ring to rotate. When the plastic passes through the rotating ring with elastic strips, the elastic strips in the rotating ring will brush to the plastic and make the plastic rotate to change the direction, so that every surface of the plastic can contact with the dry powder and get dried. When the plastic passes through the rotating ring with a brush, the brush can brush off the dry powder contaminated on the plastic, and separate the plastic from the dry powder.

Product alias:SB Dehumidifying dryer

SB Hot Air Dryers application

SAN Dehumidifying dryerSB Dehumidifying dryer
SB Hot Air DryersThis is a device used to dehumidifying plastic resin to achieve drying. For example,
Dehumidifier dryerand other plastic resins must be dehumidified and dried during the production process to improve the quality of the finished product.

Product alias:SB Dehumidifying dryer

SB Hot Air Dryers Precautions

SB Hot Air Dryers SB Dehumidifying dryer

Product alias:SB Dehumidifying dryer

Plastic dehumidifying dryer Common problems of dehumidifying dryer
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