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crystallization dryer

crystallization dryer Details description
product name:crystallization dryer
release time:2020-09-14
Numbering:Plastic crystallization Dryer-
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simple description:Plastic crystallization Dryer,crystallization Dehumidifying dryer,
This is a device used to dehumidifying plastic resin to
achieve drying. For example,POM,ABS,TPE,PAL,ABS,CAB,
Dehumidifier dryer and other plastic resins must be
dehumidified and dried during the production process to
improve the quality of the finished product.
Product alias:Plastic crystallization Dryer,crystallization Dehumidifying dryer
crystallization dryer Product introduction

crystallization dryer parameter

Plastic crystallization Dryer
1. It can be equipped with a dehumidifier to directly perform dehumidification operations;
2. Optional vacuum hopper, suction machine, magnetic base, suction box for conveying operations;
3. Optional screw feeder, which can stably and uniformly convey uncrystallized granular raw materials and PET flakes.
In industrial production, many engineering raw materials need to use a crystal dryer for drying. It is important to choose a high-quality crystal dryer.

Model Capacity (KG) HeatingPower
Approx.Net Weight
HGB-6 6 1.5 150 1φ 220V 490x490x785 25
HGB-12 12 2 160 1φ 220V 540x435x850 35
HGB-25 25 3 150 1φ 220V 605x560x1240 50
HGB-50 50 3.9 160 3φ 380V 706x594x1410 75
HGB-75 75 4.2 240 3φ 380V 751x649x1520 105
HGB-100 100 6.2 240 3φ 380V 817x581x1670 125
HGB-150 150 7 240 3φ 380V 868x710x1800 160
HGB-200 200 11 300 3φ 380V 995x830x1930 210
HGB-300 300 18 320 3φ 380V 1160x975x2280 330
HGB-400 400 20 360 3φ 380V 1220x990x2330 365
HGB-500 500 22 750 3φ 380V 1150x1045x2430 385
HGB-600 600 24 750 3φ 380V 1210x1070x2540 400
HGB-800 800 30 1500 3φ 380V 1390x1120x2730 600
HGB-1000 1000 36 1500 3φ 380V 1525x1425x3670 650
HGB-1200 1200 36 1500 3φ 380V 1600x1510x3722 835
HGB-1500 1500 40 2200 3φ 380V 1730x1680x3880 900
HGB-1800 1800 45 2200 3φ 380V 1835x1680x4060 1005
HGB-2000 2000 45 2200 3φ 380V 1870x1710x4415 1130
HGB-3000 3000 50 3700 3φ 380V 2080x1920x4520 1650
HGB-3500 3500 50 3700 3φ 380V 2141x1976x4863 2120
HGB-4000 4000 60 3700 3φ 380V 2192x2040x4936 2870
HGB-5000 5000 60 5500 3φ 380V 2355x2160x5120 3510

Plastic (resin) dehumidification dryer equipment

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Product alias:Plastic crystallization Dryer,crystallization Dehumidifying dryer,crystallization dryer

crystallization dryer Equipment principle

Plastic crystallization Dryer
The principle of crystallization dryer:crystallization Dehumidifing dryer
The closed cycle drying crystallization machine is used to continuously crystallize amorphous phased materials, and crystallize PET raw materials or recycled materials that have not yet been phased into crystalline raw materials that can be directly dehumidified and dried. The system includes high-temperature heating devices, heat preservation barrels, and constant speed The heavy-duty drive mixing assembly. When the uncrystallized PET raw materials or crushed enter the hopper, they are crystallized and stirred at the same time to prevent the raw materials from agglomerating and reduce the product defect rate. The crystallized plastic can be transported from the bottom of the hopper to the storage barrel or directly transported to the drying barrel for use after drying.
1. The crystal dehumidification dryer has low energy consumption, thin material layer, low spindle speed, low power required by the material supply system and low power consumption. Drying by conduction heat has high thermal efficiency and low energy consumption.
  2. The crystal dehumidification dryer is easy to control and has strong applicability. The drying process can be optimized by adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the spindle speed, the number of rake arms, and the size of the rake leaf. Each layer of the drying plate can be individually fed with heating or cooling media to heat or cool the materials, and the temperature of the materials can be controlled accurately and easily. The residence time of the material can be precisely adjusted. The material flows in a single direction, no back-mixing phenomenon, uniform drying, stable quality, and no mixing is required.
   3. The crystallization dehumidification dryer has a good operating environment, recyclable solvents, and dust emission meets the requirements
   Atmospheric pressure type: Due to the low air velocity in the equipment and the high humidity inside the equipment, it is difficult for dust to float to the top of the equipment, so the tail gas from the top temperature exhaust port contains almost no dust.
  Closed type: equipped with party solvent recovery device, which can easily recover the organic solvent in the wet gas. The solvent recovery device is simple and the recovery rate is low. For materials that are flammable, explosive, toxic and easily oxidized, nitrogen can be used as a moisture-carrying gas for half-circulation to ensure safe operation. It is especially suitable for drying flammable, explosive and toxic materials.
   Fourth, the crystal dehumidification dryer is easy to install, and has a small footprint. The dryer is integrated from the factory and transported as a whole. It only needs to be hoisted in place, and the installation and positioning are very easy. Due to the vertical arrangement and vertical installation of the drying plate layer, even if the drying area is large, the floor space is small.
   5. The crystal dehumidification dryer is easy to operate, and it is easy to drive and stop the dryer. After the feeding is stopped, the raking leaves of the conveying material can quickly empty the material in the dryer.
  Through the special large-size inspection door mirror, the inside of the equipment can be carefully cleaned and observed. crystallization dryer It adopts double condenser structure to ensure lower return air temperature and dew point.
1. crystallization dryer Adopt P.I.D temperature control system, which has regeneration temperature setting and actual temperature display screen.
2. Adjustable rotating speed control of honeycomb wheel.
crystallization dryer
3. The honeycomb can reach a dew point of -40°C, and can reach a dew point of -50°C or even lower when the configuration is enhanced.
4. Optional PLC control with LCD touch man-machine interface.
5. Dew point meter that can monitor the dehumidification effect of the machine at any time is optional.
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6. The machine occupies a small area and is easy to move, and the machine can be replaced at will.

Product alias:Plastic crystallization Dryer,crystallization Dehumidifying dryer

crystallization dryer application

Plastic crystallization Dryer
Crystal dryers are widely used in plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. They are characterized by fast crystal drying speed, low energy consumption, can maintain the physical properties of raw materials, and high product molding quality, which not only reduces production costs, but also provides enterprises with It is an economical and practical drying equipment with more economic benefits. The following Hengrong Machinery mainly introduces the principle and application of crystallization dryer.

1. crystallization Dehumidifing dryer,High-quality raw material output, complete structure and controller design, mixing hopper to prevent agglomeration, independently designed mixing blades and positioning rods can ensure that the raw materials are often rolled to crush any clumps that may be formed and prevent Agglomeration of raw materials;
2. Automatic continuous operation and automatic detection of the temperature inside the hopper to ensure the output of high-quality crystalline raw materials;
3. Satisfy the use characteristics of different raw materials, which can be directly processed online or stored in batches after processing the crystalline raw materials for future use;
4. The equipment design is safe, convenient to clean, safe and reliable. 1. Foundry industry:
In this process, the wax mold is repeatedly immersed in the clay. These outer layers form the mold. When the wax is melted, the molten metal can be poured into it. Dry air (very low vapor pressure) is better than others. The heating source is more commonly used to dry the clay layer, because the dry air will not deform the wax mold. The use of a hygroscopic dehumidifier can stabilize the operating cost of foundries in the foundry industry and increase the production volume without slowing down the production pace in the wet months, and the process drying time can be shortened by 50%.
2. Dehumidification and drying of plastic raw material resin:
All plastic raw material resins have a certain degree of hygroscopicity. When the plastic raw material particles are extruded, the moisture is heated and evaporated by the plastic raw material dehumidifier. These vapors will cause cracks in the structure and appearance of the plastic material. The desiccant dryer can reduce the humidity in the plastic raw materials and improve the quality of the finished product.
crystallization dryer;This is a device used to dehumidifying plastic resin to achieve drying. For example,
Dehumidifier dryerand other plastic resins must be dehumidified and dried during the production process to improve the quality of the finished product.

Application of Dehumidifying dryer on PET materials Application of plastic dryer in bottle blowing Application of plastic dryer in resin industry
Dehumidifying dryer,plastic dryer Dehumidifying dryer,plastic dryer plastic dryer, plastic dehumidifying dryer
Application of plastic dryer in PE industry Application of plastic dryer in TPU industry Application of plastic dryer in PPO industry
Dehumidifying dryer,plastic dryer,dehumidifying dryer Dehumidifying dryer,plastic dryer, plastic dehumidifying dryer Dehumidifying dryer,plastic dryer, plastic dehumidifying dryer
Central feeding system Dehumidifying dryer Dehumidifying dryer for injection molding industry Dehumidifying dryer for blow molding industry
Dehumidifying dryer,plastic dryer, plastic dryer plastic resin dryers

Product alias:Plastic crystallization Dryer,crystallization Dehumidifying dryer,crystallization dryer

crystallization dryer Precautions

Plastic crystallization Dryer
1. The dehumidification dryer must ensure that the hot air is clean.
2. Measures should be taken to prevent coke dust and avoid backflow of hot air.
3. For sticky materials, measures should be taken to minimize wall sticking.
4. The exhaust air temperature is not allowed to exceed the requirements to ensure product quality and safety.
5. During the drying process of materials, all parts of the equipment in contact with materials must be easy to clean and sterilize.crystallization Dehumidifing dryer
6. In order to improve the solubility, instant solubility, and dry products, they should be continuously discharged from the drying chamber quickly and packaged after cooling.
crystallization dryer Maintenance:
1. crystallization dryerCheck the parts regularly, 1-2 times a month. The inspection items are whether the worm, bearing, shaft seal and other movable parts are flexible in rotation and wear. Any defects should be repaired in time for normal use.
2.crystallization dryer Electrical control parts should be kept clean and sensitive, and faults should be repaired in time.
3.crystallization dryer When one use is completed or work is stopped, the remaining materials should be taken out of the plastic drying and mixing machine, and the remaining powder in each part of the machine should be cleaned. If it is out of service for a long time, the machine must be wiped clean and covered with a tarp cloth.
4.crystallization dryer When assembling and disassembling the mixing paddle of the plastic drying color mixing machine, it should be disassembled, steadily installed, and handled gently to avoid deformation and damage.
Correct operation for crystallization dryer:

1. Before starting up, check the power distribution of all equipment and pipelines before work. If there are hidden dangers, remove them and deal with them in time.
2. Clean the air inlet filter of the heater.
3. When the temperature of the imported heat transfer oil of the main engine rises to 100-120℃, the induced air can be started.
4. The inlet temperature of the cloth bag can reach 70℃ or higher, which can be opened for stirring, stirring, and the number of rotations is appropriate.
5. Air pressure: main machine inlet 6-10Mpa, cloth bag inlet, main machine outlet 20-26Mpa, cloth bag outlet 36-40Mpa.
6. Unloading will start within 15 minutes when the machine is turned on and the unloading cannot be stopped for any reason, until the material in the bag box is unloaded after the machine stops.
7. Each shift must have a special person to watch the instrument on the panel, and if there is an abnormality, and find it out in time, the watcher can not leave without authorization until the machine stops.
8. The feeding personnel should carefully observe the material during feeding to avoid foreign matter in the material and cause accidents.
9. In normal work, the temperature of the heat transfer oil inlet cannot exceed 250°C, otherwise it will be opened and closed immediately to cool down.
10. When you hear noise in the host during work, stop it immediately, open the side door of the host, cool down and use a magnetic stick or touch it to clean out the foreign objects.
11. When the power is cut off during work, immediately close the thermal oil valve, open and close, and open the side door of the main engine to cool down.
12.crystallization dryer When the power is cut, the cloth bag should be cleaned first. When the induced air is turned on, open the side door of the main unit to observe whether there is sparks. If necessary, spray with water (mist).
13. If there is a sudden change in the radiator oil bag pipeline (severe oil leakage, fire, etc.), the main oil guide valve should be closed immediately, and on-site fire fighting should be carried out immediately, and the boiler should be notified to cool down.
14. If sparks and explosions are found on the main engine and the bag box, immediately stop the induced air, open the closed valve, and close the valve of the main oil pipeline.
15. When you find sparks in the bag, take the time to unwind the material that is on fire, flush the bag with water, and control the amount of water to prevent the bag from being damaged even if the water level is too high.
16. crystallization dryer Operators must keep a clear head when they are on the job, and keep patrolling and checking and not leaving the job without permission.

Product alias:Plastic crystallization Dryer,crystallization Dehumidifying dryer,crystallization dryer

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