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Welcome to join the Dehumidification dryer website (dehumidifying dryer, Dehumidification dryer,PET,PC,PLA,PE,Dehumidifyning dryer)! This is a global manufacturer and supplier of dehumidifying dryers, providing more comprehensive plastic dehumidification dryers, plastic dehumidifiers, plastic dryers, r Dehumidification dryer exchange platform website, including dehumidifying and drying from zero basis to Dehumidification dryer Machine equipment, Dehumidification dryer application, technology, assembly accessories, circuit design, Dehumidification dryer principle, dehumidifying dryer installation and other information!

Dehumidification dryer

Dehumidification dryer Details description
product name:Dehumidification dryer
release time:2020-10-16
Numbering:Dehumidification dryer-10
Price:¥By function
weight :By function
unit weight:Kg/set
Producing country:china
simple description:This machine is suitable for cleaning and dewatering plastic flakes and granular materials. Its characteristics are as follows:
High degree of dehydration, low power consumption, fast efficiency and highly automated procedures, greatly reducingLabor intensity.Dehumidification dryer
Product alias:Dehumidification dryer,PET,PC,PLA,PE,Dehumidifyning dryer Dehumidification dryer
  Dehumidification dryer Product introduction

Dehumidification dryer parameter

Dehumidification dryer This machine is suitable for cleaning and dewatering plastic flakes and granular materials. Its characteristics are as follows:
High degree of dehydration, low power consumption, fast efficiency and highly automated procedures, greatly reducing
Labor intensity.
Dehydration clean, you can wash away the fine sand and other small debris in the plastic.
Advanced production technology, easy to clean, low noise, safe to use, universal use!
Made of stainless steel, strong and durable, it is an ideal advanced equipment necessary for enterprises.
The equipment produced and sold by our company not only has beautiful appearance, complete system functions, but also simple operation, low energy consumption, advanced technology and complete equipment.
What is the dehumidification dryer bai: ①Dehumidifying dryer is a device used to dry air; ②Using it when the humidity in the environment is high can make the humid air dry; ③ Especially for the production and storage of some products with high humidity requirements. The characteristics of the desiccant dryer are:
Therefore, it can compete in the domestic and foreign markets without any disadvantage.

Product alias:Dehumidification dryer,PET,PC,PLA,PE,Dehumidifyning dryer

Dehumidification dryer Equipment principle

Dehumidification dryer Main classification
The use of dehumidification dryers can be divided into stand-alone type and centralized type. Stand-alone dehumidification dryers usually include a dryer host, a drying barrel, and a suction machine. The use of a single machine is suitable for a small amount of various drying, and its advantages are good drying efficiency and convenient and fast material change.
The centralized dryer includes a dryer host and several drying barrels. Each drying barrel has an independent heating controller, which can dry several different materials at the same time, and cooperates with an air volume regulating valve to control the air volume of each drying barrel.
working principle
1. The cycle of the dehumidifier: through the operation of the compressor → discharge high-temperature and high-pressure gas through the exhaust port → enter the condenser for cooling → become low-temperature and high-pressure gas → intercept flow through capillary tubes → become low-temperature and low-pressure liquid → evaporate and absorb heat through the evaporator → Return to the compressor to become a low temperature and low pressure gas. So it goes back and forth.
2. The external circulation of the dehumidifier: under normal startup → through the operation of the fan → moist air is sucked in from the air inlet → passes through the evaporator → the evaporator absorbs the moisture in the air on the aluminum sheet → becomes dry air → Pass through the condenser to dissipate heat → blow out from the air outlet.

Product alias:Dehumidification dryer,PET,PC,PLA,PE,Dehumidifyning dryer

Dehumidification dryer application

1. Dehumidification at room temperature, pressure and humidity (T5 crystallization-38 months; R45%~95%) Environment: generally adopt freezing dehumidification methods (the most primitive methods are wind, sun, fire roasting and lime).
2. Low temperature, normal pressure and humidity, low temperature, normal pressure and low humidity environment: generally use regenerative adsorption rotor for dehumidification.
3. High temperature, normal pressure, normal humidity and high temperature, normal pressure and low humidity environment: Generally, a combination of water cooling and freezing (or wheel dehumidification) is used.
Fourth, high-pressure air dehumidification and drying: generally use air dryer filters, special freeze dryers (cold dryers), or use dissolved drying towers.
Dehumidification dryerThis is a device used to dehumidifying plastic resin to achieve drying. For example,
Dehumidification dryer,Dehumidifier dryerand other plastic resins must be dehumidified and dried during the production process to improve the quality of the finished product.

Product alias:Dehumidification dryer,PET,PC,PLA,PE,Dehumidifyning dryer

Dehumidification dryer Precautions

Dehumidification dryer Dehumidifying dryers are generally used in industrial production to dehumidify and dry raw materials with strong hygroscopicity to ensure high product forming rates. In the past, companies used traditional hot air blowers. If they encounter wet weather, the hot air blowers can hardly complete the drying purpose. The desiccant dryer came into being to improve the disadvantages of the hot air blower. So what is the difference between a dehumidifying dryer and an ordinary dryer?
1. Traditional hot air blower
In order to evaporate the moisture in the material, the traditional hot air blower will use the hot air heated by electric heating to dry the material at high temperature. However, due to weather factors, dry weather and humid weather, the moisture content in the air will be different, and the drying effect will also be different. In traditional hot air blowers, electric heating must first heat the incoming air. If the weather is too humid and the incoming air contains high moisture, it is difficult for the material to dry.
2. Dehumidification dryer
The dehumidification dryer effectively improves the shortcomings of ordinary dryers. It first draws in ambient air to remove moisture in the air under low dew point, and then heats the dried air to the dryer to dehumidify and dry the material. The work efficiency is greatly improved, the drying time is reduced, and the drying effect is better.
The air pipeline of the desiccant dryer adopts a closed circulation system, which can not be affected by the external weather, and the material can be dried well regardless of whether it is dry or humid. The filter installed in the desiccant dryer can prevent dust leakage from causing pollution in the factory and keep the air environment clean.
Generally speaking, the difference between these two dryers is that the moisture content of the inlet air used for drying is different. One has processed the inlet air moisture, and the other has not processed the inlet air moisture.

Product alias:Dehumidification dryer,PET,PC,PLA,PE,Dehumidifyning dryer

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