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plastic dryer

The most complete technical data of plastic resin dryer

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plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
Plastic PET Dehumidifying Dryer
Plastic display dryer, plastic crusher, plastic mixer, plastic automatic feeding machine, plastic central feeding system, chiller, mold temperature machine and other auxiliary plastic machines.
Plastic dehumidification dryer is also known as rotary honeycomb dehumidification dryer, plastic dehumidification dryer, rotary dehumidifier, honeycomb plastic dehumidifier, conveyor integrated dehumidification dryer, three-in-one dehumidification dryer and other aliases. Mainly, engineering plastics with strong hygroscopicity (such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.) are dehumidified and dried to reduce the water content of the plastic by 0.02%, so that the product finish and product quality can reach the best state.plastic resin dryer,plastic dryer,resin dryer,PET dryer
Application of plastic desiccant dryer: The main components of the plastic desiccant dryer are imported components, carefully selected materials, and well assembled. The use of newly imported Swedish rotary honeycombs, Japanese Panasonic geared motors, combined with the requirements of European design, makes the machine more beautiful in appearance, more stable in performance, and lower in energy consumption. The main purpose of the machine is to work with a hot-air hopper dryer to perform high-efficiency dehumidification and drying operations on engineering plastics with strong moisture absorption (such as: PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.). Such as:  
plastic resin dryer,plastic dryer,resin dryer,PET dryer
1 In the foundry industry; In this process, the wax mold is repeatedly immersed in the clay. These outer layers form the mold. When the wax is melted, the molten metal can be poured into it. Dry air (very low vapor pressure) is better than others. The heating source is more commonly used to dry the clay layer, because the dry air will not deform the wax mold. The use of a moisture absorbent dehumidifier can stabilize the operating cost of foundries in the foundry industry and increase the production volume without slowing down the production pace in the wet months, and the process drying time can be shortened by 50%. To
2 Dehumidification and drying of plastic resin; All plastic resins have a certain degree of hygroscopicity. When the plastic raw material particles are extruded and formed, the moisture is heated and evaporated by the plastic dehumidifier. These vapors can cause crevices in the plastic structure and appearance. The dehumidifier can reduce the humidity in the plastic raw material and improve the quality of the finished product. To
Plastic desiccant dryers are also divided into stand-alone and three-in-one:
plastic resin dryer,plastic dryer,resin dryer,PET dryer
Features of rotary honeycomb dehumidifier (single machine): 1 Adopts P.I.D temperature control system, which has regeneration temperature setting and actual temperature display screen; 2 Adjustable honeycomb rotor rotation speed;
3 Adopt double condenser structure to ensure lower return air temperature and dew point; 4 Honeycomb can reach dew point below -40℃, and can reach -50℃ or even lower dew point under enhanced configuration; 5 PLC control is optional Equipped with LCD touch man-machine interface; 6 Dew point meter that can monitor the dehumidification effect of the machine at any time is optional; 7 The machine occupies a small area and is easy to move, and it can be used at any time. To
Features of the three-machine integrated dehumidification dryer: The integrated design ensures that the material is dried in a completely closed system, avoiding the re-moisture of the dried material due to contact with the outside air, and achieving a good drying effect.
plastic resin dryer,plastic dryer,resin dryer,PET dryer
The microcomputer P.I.D control system has protection functions such as over-temperature protection, motor overload, motor reverse protection, and shutdown delay cooling. Optional touch-type LCD display control screen, with instructions for displaying the working status, the cause of the fault and the troubleshooting method, and the maintenance of the machine. Low dew point, dry air with a dew point below -40°C ensures that the material is fully dried. Down-blowing drying hopper design prevents heat loss and improves drying efficiency. Fully insulated drying hopper prevents heat loss and ensures uniform temperature. Advanced technology, safe and reliable, superior performance and space saving.
1. Features of optical grade plastic desiccant dryer:
plastic resin dryer,plastic dryer,resin dryer,PET dryer
The optical-grade dehumidification dryer is specially designed for drying optical materials such as acrylic materials. It is especially suitable for places with high automation and compact space. It is controlled by IC and is easy to operate. In addition, a dew point meter that can monitor the dehumidification effect of the machine at any time is provided as an option. Combined with the requirements of European design, the appearance of the machine is more beautiful, the performance is more stable, and the energy consumption is lower.
1. High degree of automation, reducing labor intensity of operators;
2. The honeycomb runner using Japanese ceramic fiber as the base material has good dehumidification effect and stable and reliable performance;
3. Dehumidification, drying and feeding are independent operations;
4. PID control of drying temperature and regeneration temperature;
5. PLC touch screen, easy to operate and clear at a glance;
6. Various complete protection circuits, with shutdown delay dehumidification function
Second, LED dehumidification dryer
plastic resin dryer,plastic dryer,resin dryer,PET dryer
Kawai brand LED dehumidification dryer is suitable for connectors, light guide plate products, optical products, lens products, food products, medical equipment, automotive products, precision gears, mobile communications, digital cameras, notebook computers, LED brackets and other strict and precise injections. The production of engineering plastic products makes the moisture content of the raw materials after dehumidification and drying is low and stable, which can meet strict technical and quality requirements.
Three, lens dehumidification dryer
plastic resin dryer,plastic dryer,resin dryer,PET dryer
The lens dehumidification dryer is used to dehumidify and dry ABS+PC, PC, PET, PBT, PA and other plastic materials that cannot be completely dried by ordinary drying equipment. Plastic raw materials have different moisture content and hygroscopicity during the production and transportation process; therefore, if the raw materials are not completely dehumidified and dried during the molding process, the transparency is likely to be poor, the runner sticks, burrs, Materials, bubbles, silver bars, flow marks, cracks, poor dimensional stability, internal stress, insufficient product physical strength and other defects. The Shouxi light guide plate dehumidification dryer can reduce the moisture content of the raw material to less than 0.02% (in line with the SPI requirements of the American Plastics Association), which can solve various defects caused by the moisture of the raw material, and is compared with other dehumidification methods , It can save more than 30% of electricity, and it can uphold the virtue of energy-saving and environmental protection, which is the global human pursuit
Four, injection dehumidification dryer
plastic resin dryer,plastic dryer,resin dryer,PET dryer
In the plastic processing industry, only by dehumidifying and drying the plastic before processing can the product obtain the best molding effect. The American Plastics Association recommends that the plastic before injection molding must be dried to a moisture content of less than 0.02%. If the plastic is not fully dried before molding, it will cause bubbles, flow marks, hydrolysis, silver lines, cracks, and Burr, product fragmentation, poor impact, dimensional instability, and poor viscosity; in the plastics processing industry, plastics can easily absorb moisture from the air when they are plasticized, which means that the plastics must be stored before storage and processing. The absorbed moisture will seriously affect the quality of final molded products, such as nylon, ABS, PC, PBT, PET, polycarbonate and other materials with strong moisture absorption. Therefore, dehumidification dryers are currently widely used in the plastic processing industry.
Five,  European standard stainless steel dryer
European standard stainless steel dryer is very different from ordinary dryer
1.Using Schroder electromagnetic switch, all stainless steel barrel, internal polishing and grinding.
2.Adopt electronic panel control, downward blowing design, uniform blanking and heat dissipation, and more stable temperature.
3.Double-layer overheating protection device can reduce accidents caused by man-made or mechanical failure.
4.The models above SHD-25 use thermal circulation fan to make the fan life longer.
5.It is made of stainless steel to avoid secondary pollution of raw materials during the drying process.
6. Design a cleaning door to facilitate cleaning.
Features of stainless steel Euro dryer:

1. It is made of 202# stainless steel to avoid dust generation due to friction at dead corners.
2.The electromagnetic switch adopts Schneider.
3. Install 50~300℃ over-temperature protection.
4. Down-blowing design makes the temperature more uniform.
5. Double-layer barrel design, save energy.
6. Using electronic panel control to make the temperature more stable.
Six,  Box dryer features:
It is widely applicable to the drying of any plastic raw materials, and can dry materials of different materials and colors at the same time. It is especially suitable for drying materials that require high temperature accuracy, low dosage, and various colors. It is also suitable for preheating or drying in food, pharmaceutical, electronics, electroplating and other industries.
1. Using PI temperature control to accurately control the drying temperature. Integrate temperature and time control into one, 2. It is convenient to set the drying parameters of various materials.
3. High-quality thermal insulation materials and high-sealing design avoid unnecessary energy loss.
5. Adjustable air inlet.
6. Motor overload protection, phase sequence protection.
Working principle of box dryer:
plastic resin dryer,plastic dryer,resin dryer,PET dryer
Put the material to be dried into the movable tray. When the power is turned on, the powerful wind wheel starts to force the air entering from the air inlet to blow to the electric heating tube. The air is heated by the electric heating tube and passes through the holed partition. The wall is evenly blown to the material, and the air carrying moisture will be drawn out of the oven by the top moisture exhaust fan. Such repeated cycles can achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying.
Seven, the characteristics of the hopper dryer:
1. The raw material contact surface is made of all stainless material.
2. Precision die-cast aluminum housing, smooth surface and good heat preservation performance.
3. Silent fan, optional air filter to ensure the cleanliness of raw materials.
4. Both the barrel body and the machine base are equipped with material viewing windows to directly observe the internal raw materials.
5. The curved design of the electric heating cylinder avoids burning caused by the accumulation of raw material powder at the bottom of the cylinder.
6. The proportional deviation indicating temperature controller is adopted to accurately control the temperature. In addition, there are high temperature models for 50E~1500E: double-layer barrel, stainless steel electric heating tube, heat dissipation electric heating tube, high temperature fan.
The cast aluminum mold is independently designed, and the barrel is turned back to fit any manipulator. The surface of the stainless steel upper and lower screens is smooth, smooth and easy to clean. To
Working principle of plastic desiccant dryer:
Through the operation of the compressor → discharge high temperature and high pressure gas from the exhaust port → enter the condenser for cooling
→ Become a low-temperature and high-pressure gas → block flow through a capillary → become a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid → pass
Pass the evaporator to evaporate and absorb heat → return to the compressor to become a low-temperature and low-pressure gas. So it goes back and forth. ...
In the case of normal startup → through the operation of the fan → moist air is sucked in from the air inlet → through the evaporator → the evaporator absorbs the water in the air on the aluminum sheet → becomes dry air → passes through the condenser to dissipate heat → from the outlet The tuyere blows out.

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
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