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plastic dryer

Dehumidification principle of cold dryer

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time:2020年10月12日 10:40:19

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
[1] The cold dryer is based on the principle of freezing and dehumidification, which forces the compressed air to pass through the evaporator for heat exchange to cool down, so that the gaseous water and oil in the compressed air undergo isostatic cooling and condense into liquid water and oil. Dust is discharged out of the system through an automatic drain to obtain clean compressed air.
Features of cold dryer
1. The refrigeration compressor adopts a high-temperature fully enclosed refrigeration compressor, which has stable operation, low noise, reliable performance and long power-saving life.

2. The heat exchanger and condenser are made of high-quality, high-efficiency threaded pipes, which have high heat transfer coefficients, so they are small in size and compact in structure. The cylinder body is made of stainless steel or carbon steel galvanized to avoid secondary pollution to the compressed air.
3. The refrigeration control elements adopt the most advanced refrigeration elements in the world, with excellent performance, have the throttling and pressure reduction function of the thermal expansion valve, the energy adjustment function of the hot gas bypass valve, the oil content protection function of the refrigerant oil of the oil separator, and the refrigerant The refrigerant high and low pressure protection of the high and low pressure controller.
4. Gas-liquid separation adopts a gas-liquid separator that combines cyclone separation and stainless steel wire mesh mist catching, which has a thorough gas-liquid separation effect, avoids secondary evaporation of water, and plays an important role in ensuring the drying effect of the cold dryer. It has a much better separation effect than a cyclone separator, and at the same time, it has a lower cost than a filter gas-liquid separator, and has a cost-performance ratio compared to the market system.
5. The equipment structure design is reasonable, easy to maintain, and the box shape is beautiful and generous.
6. No basic installation.
7. Real-time display of operating parameters.
Dehumidification principle of cold dryer,Dehumidification principle dryer
Compressed air refrigeration dryer (hereinafter referred to as refrigeration dryer) overview (classification and technical parameters) Compressed air after compressed by air compressor, cooled by rear cooler, separated by air-water separator, and stabilized by buffer tank is generally saturated , Its relative humidity is 100%, and it contains oil, solid particles and other impurities. This kind of compressed air cannot be used directly and needs to be dried and purified. There have been three methods for drying compressed air in industry, they are:
 1) Use adsorbent to selectively adsorb water vapor in compressed air for dehydration and drying. Such as adsorption compressed air dryer.
2) Use the deliquescent characteristics of certain chemical substances for dehydration and drying. Such as deliquescent compressed air dryer.
3) Use the characteristic that the partial pressure of water vapor in the compressed air is determined by the temperature of the compressed air for cooling, dehydration and drying. Such as refrigerated compressed air dryer. Among the above three types of compressed air drying equipment, deliquescent compressed air dryers have been basically eliminated; while refrigeration dryers and adsorption compressed air dryers (hereinafter referred to as "suction dryers") are being widely used.
 Compared with the adsorption dryer, the cold dryer has the following characteristics:
 1) No compressed air consumption-most users do not have high requirements for compressed air dew point. For example, using a refrigerated dryer can save energy than using a suction dryer;
2) No valve wear-The suction dryer has the problem of switching valves. Although the refrigeration dryer also has valves, there is basically no wear problem;
3) No need to add or replace adsorbent regularly;
4) Low operating noise; the drying machine has the noise of pressure relief of the adsorption tower, in the air compressor room, the operating noise of the drying machine is generally not heard;
5) Daily maintenance is relatively simple, just clean the automatic drain filter on time;
 6) The pre-pretreatment requirements of the air source are not high, and the general oil-water separator can meet the requirements of the air intake quality of the refrigeration dryer; Compared with the adsorption dryer, the compressed air pressure after the refrigeration dryer The "dew point" can only reach above 0°C, so the drying depth of the gas is far less than that of a suction dryer. In some application fields, the use of refrigerated dryers cannot meet the requirements of the process for air source dryness, such as pneumatic instruments and electronic factories. RSL type refrigeration dryer (product of our company) is divided into two types: air-cooled and water-cooled according to the cooling method of the condenser; according to the intake temperature, there are high-temperature intake type (below 80℃) and normal temperature intake type (45 Below ℃); According to the working pressure, there are three types: low pressure type (0.3-0.6MPa), ordinary type (0.6-0.95MPa) and medium and high pressure type (≥1.0MPa). The technical parameters of the refrigeration dryer mainly include: —— processing capacity (Nm3/min); —— intake air temperature (℃); —— working pressure (MPa); —— pressure drop (MPa); —— compressor power or Overall power (Kw)-for air-cooled refrigeration dryers, including condenser cooling fan motor power;-cooling water consumption (t/h) or cooling air volume m3/h;-pressure dew point (℃) . The pressure dew point is related to the intake state of the compressed air and the environment, so we generally do not guarantee the dew point temperature of the refrigeration dryer separately, but only indicate the pressure dew point value under the rated working conditions.

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
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