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plastic dryer

How to correctly choose a three-in-one dehumidification dryer!

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time:2020年09月19日 11:24:58

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
Some manufacturers and distributors of three-in-one dehumidification dryers deliberately mislead consumers, with the mentality that it is difficult for consumers to purchase, to implement dehumidifiers without technical content, low prices, and low costs. Such three-in-one dehumidification dryers often Faults often occur, such as materials that cannot be dried normally. This undoubtedly increases the difficulty of consumer choice. Many people are worried about whether they will buy a dehumidifying dryer of poor quality when choosing a three-in-one dehumidifying dryer. So, how to distinguish it?

First of all, it is nothing more than cutting corners. It is impossible to sell at such a low price. For example, the formal dehumidification capacity must meet the industrial requirements such as 90L per day. The copper pipe configuration is generally 3 rows of evaporators and 4 rows of condensers. Many small factories To obtain price advantage, vicious competition, and even make 3-3 row, 2-3 row industrial dehumidifier, which saves materPlastic dryer, resin dryer, dehumidifying dryer, plastic dehumidifying dryerial.
Secondly, whether the three-machine integrated dehumidification dryer has CCC certification is also an important criterion for judging the quality of the dehumidifier.
 Thirdly, it is nothing more than a virtual standard dehumidification capacity. Here, ordinary consumers should popularize the common sense of a dehumidifier. The air conditioner is based on the number of "hp", and the three-unit dehumidification dryer is based on "liter/day or liter/hour". , Will not judge whether the dehumidifier dryer is expensive or cheap by the power size, if there is a dehumidifier company to advertise its own
The power of the dehumidifier is high, and it’s only a little money, so you have to pay attention. Generally, many people will fall into this trap. This is a precursor to the shoddy. The actual dehumidification capacity of many manufacturers is marked as 90. Dehumidification dryers that are less than 90 liters can be labeled as 168 liters. This behavior is mainly for small factories and OEMs. Of course, one or two so-called regular manufacturers also use this trick on some special occasions.
 At present, there are many brands of three-in-one dehumidification dryer in the market, and consumers do not know how to choose when choosing a three-in-one dehumidification dryer. The state's supervision of market-oriented products is increasing, and the 3C national compulsory certification standards have been issued. Products that have not passed the certification are substandard products and cannot be sold in shopping malls or markets.

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
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