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What operations need to be carried out before using the new plastic resin desiccant dryer?

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time:2020年09月19日 11:18:25

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
Can the newly purchased plastic desiccant dryer be put into use immediately? Of course not, you still need to
Do some operations, then what operations need to be performed before using the new dehumidification dryer?
Before putting a new dehumidification dryer equipment into use, let it perform an idling experiment, so that it can run-in the new equipment while it is running. This is an indispensable step before the equipment is put into use. The idling experiment can check the installation accuracy and stability of the equipment, and check whether the performance of the mechanical equipment is normal during use, and the performance of the equipment is good when idling, so that it can be put into use. After that, it can have a good use effect.
Plastic dryer, resin dryer, dehumidifying dryer, plastic dehumidifying dryer
In addition to the idling test, the plastic desiccant dryer also needs to be subjected to a load test. When performing a load test, it generally needs to be used within the use range of the equipment, and then look at the mechanical equipment under load. Whether the various performances are good, such as whether the temperature of the bearing is normal, whether the hydraulic system, transmission system and other indicators meet the factory standards, this work is also an indispensable step in the use of mechanical equipment, which directly affects To the service life of mechanical equipment in the future.
The equipment also needs to perform an experiment on accuracy. This experiment generally needs to be completed after the equipment is used for two months, and only needs to complete the relevant operations according to the instructions.
The above is the relevant operating instructions of the new dehumidification dryer before use, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
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