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plastic dryer

Dehumidifying dryer operation guide

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time:2020年10月30日 09:05:16

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
1. Purpose
Strengthen equipment management, avoid operating errors in the production process, reduce personal injury accidents, and ensure safe and effective
Operation drying system is running.
2. area
It is suitable for the operation equipment and its operators of the drying system in the workshop.
3. Operating proceduresDehumidifying dryer operation guide
3.1 Dehumidifying dryer  Preparation before starting
1) Before starting the dryer, check whether the circulating water is normal.
2) Check whether the connecting parts and the nuts of the sealing section are loose, if they are loose, please tighten the nuts to compress the packing
And timely reinforcement.
3) Check whether the connection of the meter is normal and whether it can operate normally.
3.2 Boot steps
1) Turn on the power and press the Dryer/Reset button for 3 seconds to turn on
2) Dehumidifying dryer Temperature setting: press the SV/ key and use the up and down arrow keys
Set the temperature, press the SV/ key again after setting to confirm
3) Adding raw materials: press the Drying Hopper button,
Add raw materials to the material tube, press again to stop;
4) Raw material supply: press the NO.1 button to supply the barrel of the injection molding machine
Raw materials, press again to stop.
3.3 Shutdown stepsDehumidifying dryer
Turn off the raw material supply, press and hold the Dryer/Reset button for 3 seconds to stop the equipment and cut off the power supply.
4. Precautions during use
4.1 Input of raw materials: the following points should be noted before adding raw materials
a). Close the valve of the manual unloading port to prevent feeding. Raw materials
Sprinkle, as shown in Figure 1;
b). Confirm that the drying cylinder is clean and free of residual materials to avoid mixing;
c) When changing the color of raw materials, (such as black raw materials for white raw materials) application
Use cotton cloth and medical alcohol to carefully clean the drying cylinder and raw material delivery pipeline to avoid
Avoid products with different colors and other defects;
d). When adding raw materials each time, make sure that a magnetic rack is put in the drying cylinder. and
Ensure that the magnetic stand is clean and free of adsorption (as shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3);
4.2. The supply of raw materials: when the injection molding machine is automatically supplied with materials, the manual
Seal the material opening
4.3. Record filling: Every time raw materials are added, corresponding records should be filled in. Obviously record the raw materials
Model, quantity, drying temperature, time and other parameters;
4.4. Drying quantity of raw materials: when receiving raw materials for drying, try to receive a suitable quantity of raw materials
Dry it. Avoid running out of raw materials and repeated drying. When the production task is completed, the original
The materials are discharged and returned to the warehouse. To ensure the accuracy of raw material inventory.
5. Dehumidifying dryer  Equipment maintenance
1) Check whether the hose has fallen off, broken or leaked every month.
2) Check whether the screws and nuts of each part of the device are loose every month.
3) Every 3 months, check whether the terminals in the control box and the wiring connection part of the device are loose.
4) Clean the delivery filter every 3 months and replace the filter if necessary.
5) Check and repair the main motor every 6 months.

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
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