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plastic dryer

Operating rules of injection dehumidifing dryer

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time:2020年10月14日 09:16:47

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer

1. Preparation before starting
1) Check the refrigeration system: Observe the readings of the refrigerant high and low pressure gauges on the instrument panel. The two gauges reach equilibrium under a certain pressure. The equilibrium pressure fluctuates up and down according to the surrounding temperature, generally between 0.5MPa and 1.2MPa .
 2. Check whether the voltage is normal. The floating value is 5% of the voltage.
3) Check whether the air pipeline is normal, the air inlet pressure should not exceed the working pressure of this model, and the inlet pressure should not exceed the determined value of this model as far as possible.
4). The equipment must be heated for 8 hours before it is turned on for the first time. Generally, when the power is turned on, the heater will automatically heat.
 2. Operation
1). Turn on the power and close the air switch. At this time, the power indicator light on the instrument meter is red.
2). Press the green button STRART, the contactor will be closed, the operation indicator RUN will light up, and the compressor will start to run.
3). Check whether the compressor is running normally, whether there is abnormal noise, and whether the refrigerant high and low pressure meter indicates normal.
4). If everything is normal, open the air compressor and the air inlet and outlet shut-off valve to send air to the refrigerated dryer, and close the air bypass valve.
5) After observation for 5-10 minutes, the air treated by the refrigerated dryer can meet the requirements of use. At this time, the normal ranges of the refrigerant high and low pressure gauges are as follows:
Refrigerant low pressure table: Winter: 0.3~0.5MPa Summer: 0.4~0.7MPa Refrigerant high pressure table: Winter: 1.4~1.6MPa Summer: 1.4~2.0MPa
6) Every two days during normal startup, the drain valve of the filter needs to be opened for manual drainage.
7). When shutting down, turn off the air source first, and then press the red STOP button to turn off the dryer.
8) Cut off the power supply and open the drain valve to drain the remaining condensate from the operating procedures of the dryer.
Three, maintenance and maintenance

1). Try to avoid the refrigeration dryer running under no load for a long time.
 2) It is forbidden to start the refrigeration dryer continuously for a short period of time, and the interval between each start is at least 10 minutes to avoid damage to the refrigeration compressor.
3). If the low pressure meter of the refrigerant machine reads zero, the refrigerant has leaked.
4). Starting the compressor oil heater without heating will cause damage to the equipment compressor. Please follow the operating instructions before starting.

plastic dryer, Dehumidifying dryer, Plastic pellet dryer, plastic Dehumidifying dryer
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